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Double-groove soap-cutting table, an extra narrow knife edge is added, which is convenient for novices to cut out flat soap
External size of soap table: 25 * 11.7 * 8.5cm
Soap counter internal dimensions: total length about 25cm, width 8.5cm, height 7cm
The thickness of pine is about 1.6cm (handmade works, occasionally some small bumps and small defects are normal, please be careful if you are fine!)
The discount package includes: a soap cutting table, a wave knife, a flat knife, the handle color of the soap knife is different due to different batches, the depth is different, the actual object received may not be exactly the same as the color of the picture handle.
The wide knife slot of the soap cutting table puts the wave knife, and the narrow knife slot puts the flat knife. The flat knife is thicker and has no cutting edge. It is not sharp. It is suitable for cutting a little soap.